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Amidon Art(716-595-2191)
Fredrickson Allen A(716-962-8556)
Higgs Harlan(716-962-8391)
Anderson Terrill(716-962-8231)
Dickinson Mark(716-962-3815)
Runge E A(716-962-8215)
Anderson Kenneth(716-962-2012)
Ridout B(716-962-2309)
Moss Shaun M(716-962-3163)
Sawyer C L(716-962-8519)
Childs Roger(716-962-3212)
Lohnes Royal(716-962-5205)
Cady James(716-962-9165)
Gustafson Herbert(716-962-4824)
Hale Charlene E(716-962-3002)
Lanphere Jesse(716-962-2351)
Carlson Kevin P(716-985-4466)
La Cross Dennis L(716-962-8205)
Maloy D M(716-962-9457)
Charlotte Town Clerk(716-962-9455)
Charlotte Town of(716-962-2004)
Sinclairville Village of(716-962-5885)
Town of Charlotte Court(716-962-3843)
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