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Bennett Jocelyn(585-493-5587)
Sahrle Gerald C II(585-786-3287)
Sardina L(585-786-8270)
Sardina Timothy S(585-786-2761)
Conaway Darcy(585-237-5104)
Conaway David(585-237-5104)
Logan Verne(585-237-5286)
Logan Rodney D(585-237-6382)
Chamberlain Wm F(585-237-2267)
Bowles Karen(585-237-2367)
McAvoy E(585-237-6619)
Meissel Gerald P(585-237-5217)
R P B Carpet Cleaning(585-237-5217)
Town of Gainesville Public Library(585-493-2970)
United Methodist Church(585-493-5205)
Coffey Paul E Jr(585-493-5868)
Lipiec Bart W(585-493-5265)
St Mary's Church(585-493-3273)
Caryl Tom(585-493-5314)
Country Line Electrical Distributors in(585-493-2524)
Letchworth New Life Fellowship(585-493-5030)
Massett Wm(585-493-2849)
Kelly Jenell(585-493-5164)
Consiglio Vito(585-493-9505)
Velez R(585-493-5137)
Brogan Patk(585-493-5605)
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