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Mc Carthy Timothy J(518-891-4718)
Barbeito Joseph(518-891-6598)
Fowler Debra(518-891-6598)
Jones Kelly(518-891-5355)
Jones Mike(518-891-5355)
Grimm Susan(518-891-5125)
Mc Kittrick Russell(518-891-6184)
Waldron Beth(518-891-9104)
Waldron John(518-891-9104)
Irvine Donald(518-891-7456)
St John Ray(518-891-4134)
Gowan Anita(518-891-4085)
Gowan Robert(518-891-4085)
Edenfield Alicia(518-891-2837)
Edenfield W B(518-891-2837)
Harris David(518-891-5316)
Harris Eulogia(518-891-5316)
Coats Owen(518-891-1361)
Queior Timothy L(518-891-3956)
Pallotta J A(518-891-3499)
Eichholz Scott(518-891-1348)
Liberty James A(518-891-2266)
Ward Jane(518-891-4534)
Ward John(518-891-4534)
Doty Anthony(518-891-6586)
Doty Colleen(518-891-6586)
Miller M(518-891-4526)
Hilbert Steve(518-891-9447)
Chabot Michael(518-891-5866)
Stevens Donna(518-891-9679)
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