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Dyam Design(585-533-9080)
Curtiss J(585-786-3266)
Morris Jas(585-786-8398)
Roll Edith(585-786-9284)
Lockwood Jack(585-786-9986)
Lockwood Sherry(585-786-9986)
Manzella Anthony(585-786-8524)
Nichols Francis R(585-786-5702)
Chamberlain Paul L(585-495-6884)
Chamberlain Greg(585-495-6255)
Howes Betty A(585-495-6882)
Strait Clayton D(585-495-6546)
Bohlen Walter(585-495-6436)
Pillar To Post(585-757-6646)
Neal Wm(585-495-6896)
Neal Bill Awards & Engraving(585-495-9920)
Sikes Wm(585-495-6747)
Whaley Willis R(585-584-3105)
Moens Corey(585-786-0526)
Page Raymond C(585-786-5877)
Upright J(585-786-0354)
Bergum Theo(585-786-8595)
Ulm S(585-786-8238)
Hopkins Larry T(585-495-6155)
McAtee S(585-495-6483)
Strathearn Edw J(585-495-6483)
Strathearn Kenneth(585-495-6276)
Panek G(585-495-6714)
Panek R(585-495-6714)
Logan Griff(585-495-6741)
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