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Harty E(631-744-8526)
Jeziorski L(631-744-7483)
Russillo Krisann(631-821-1965)
Campanella Gloria(631-821-3604)
Fitzsimmons Edward(631-744-0047)
Simanovich A(631-821-4101)
Bryan Helen(631-744-4996)
Pell Joseph(631-821-7998)
Watters Dorothy(631-744-2650)
Barone F(631-744-9381)
Dinielli G(631-821-2943)
Redman E(631-744-5872)
Archer Richard(631-744-7413)
O'keefe H(631-744-5463)
Scheuer Marilyn(631-821-3911)
Vassil Demetra(631-821-4003)
Genovese Laura(631-821-3585)
Solby Carl(631-821-2995)
Bednarczuk Joan(631-821-5771)
Filippi J(631-744-4812)
Hudecek D(631-821-3931)
Dugan M V(631-821-1510)
Ghossn Jos A(631-209-0019)
Scully Thos M(631-821-1510)
Elliott Audrey(631-744-5150)
Werner Margaret(631-821-6009)
Addeo N(631-209-9034)
Cusumano Jeanette(631-744-1838)
Williams George(631-209-9016)
Williams Rosemary(631-209-9016)
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