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Bauman James(607-739-4718)
International Union of Electronctrcl S(607-962-7921)
Smith Babette(607-937-5259)
Hagerman Joy(607-936-5664)
Moore P S(607-962-6400)
Wakefield Patrick(607-936-6739)
Clarkson Kevin(607-962-1561)
Credle Jeff(607-962-6747)
Credle L(607-962-0815)
Watson M E(607-937-3816)
Village Manor Apts(607-936-8769)
Doleski Helen(607-962-1786)
Urshan Sourta(607-936-7865)
Pruden Shirley T(607-937-6240)
Lee Margaret B(607-936-4175)
Colacecchi S(607-936-6130)
Terwilliger D V(607-936-1676)
Dickerman Bertha(607-936-4987)
Kelly F B(607-936-8689)
Yorio Loretta(607-936-0727)
Aiken Frances(607-962-5360)
Roy Aurelie(607-962-0920)
Felton Leon(607-962-3411)
Mc Neill D M(607-962-8434)
Mertsock D(607-962-8412)
Smoogen M T(607-962-5170)
Cotter Ray(607-962-2186)
Telehany Thelma(607-937-3678)
Heslin M(607-936-0109)
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