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Junowski Charles(315-363-6303)
Strand Theatre(315-369-6703)
Tormey Anthony(315-369-6397)
Tow Bar Inn(315-369-6405)
Town of Webb(315-369-2676)
Town of Webb Schools(315-369-3222)
Twin Oaks(315-369-6439)
United States Postal Service(315-369-3414)
Vandelinder Margaret(315-369-6438)
Village Wick(315-369-3363)
Villiere Geo J Atty(315-369-3223)
Walt's Diner(315-369-2582)
Wild Wood Cafe The(315-369-2300)
Winchek S M(315-369-4478)
Desarro Tina(315-369-6406)
Pederson Brian J(315-369-3728)
Kratzert John(315-369-6717)
Sienka Lorraine(315-369-4400)
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