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Cockett Brian(315-789-4902)
Gordon Beverly(585-468-5893)
Downs Lyle(585-468-5559)
Paine Thos F(585-468-2640)
McClelland Tracey(585-468-5328)
Wilkins Ben(585-468-5551)
Bennett Gary(585-468-5835)
Krzemien Jack(585-468-2433)
Taft Blaine(585-468-5233)
Taft Gary L(585-468-3415)
Grosse G(585-468-5596)
Jackson Timothy(585-468-2039)
P & C Repair(585-468-5050)
Hair by Sher & A Tan Too(585-468-2360)
Hepler Richd G Jr(585-468-2608)
Delahooke A(585-468-5304)
Delahooke J(585-468-5304)
Ellsworth Patk(585-468-2394)
Bell Memorial Library(585-468-2266)
Ludwig Michael J(585-468-5702)
Nunda Parts Plus(585-468-3880)
Baker C(585-468-2045)
Walker Scott(585-468-2391)
Frate L(585-468-5099)
Wallace Allen(585-468-2322)
Page Donald E(585-468-2623)
Chatelle Laura(585-468-5439)
Trinity Church of Nunda(585-468-2680)
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