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Anzells Donald J(716-386-5444)
Newhouse Thornton(716-938-6426)
Pares Ellen(716-938-6740)
Pares John(716-938-6931)
Peters Delaney(716-938-9908)
Moore Paul(716-938-9778)
Philbrick I H(716-938-6873)
Murdoch James(716-938-6024)
Boutelle J L(716-938-6861)
Pangborn Wesley E(716-938-6706)
Goodemote Joseph(716-938-9823)
Goodemote Kathy(716-938-9823)
Winship Thomas(716-938-6274)
Pennell Daniel(716-938-6278)
Young Robert Jr(716-938-6768)
Andrew Gladys M(716-938-6553)
Bever Dorothy(716-938-9279)
Butcher Phyllis(716-938-6713)
Case D(716-938-9464)
Cortes B(716-938-6136)
Gillette D M(716-938-9331)
Hill M(716-938-6912)
Hutchison B J(716-938-6755)
Little Valley Associates(716-938-6260)
Marsh Herman(716-938-6781)
Mc Connell John(716-938-6546)
Schreckengost Beverly(716-938-9209)
Schwartz P J(716-938-9061)
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