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Losey Larry(315-322-5898)
St Lawrence Claim Srv(315-322-5756)
Skelly William(315-322-4038)
Howe R(315-322-4284)
Howe Y(315-322-4284)
Vallance Teresa(315-322-4480)
Ashley Vickie(315-322-0201)
Ashley Wayne(315-322-0201)
Pryce Francis B(315-322-4483)
Pryce Steven(315-322-0300)
Pickering H W III(315-322-0503)
Cline Leon C(315-322-4388)
Petrie Daniel Jr(315-322-4347)
Cady Dean(315-322-5666)
Hayes Peter L(315-322-5618)
Berger Mary(315-322-4187)
Mc Dougall Phyllis(315-322-5682)
Mc Dougall Richard(315-322-5682)
Tyndall Chester R(315-322-4095)
Burns T(315-322-5863)
Reed Heather(315-322-4127)
Rookey Jackie(315-322-4824)
Rookey Gary(315-322-5750)
Barclay Homer(315-322-4077)
Curtis K(315-322-0080)
Murray Shirley(315-322-8952)
Carr Doris(315-388-4809)
Dominy Cheryl(315-388-5911)
Dominy Jeff(315-388-5911)
Currie Laurie(315-322-0032)
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