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Wells Clifford(518-523-2155)
Quinn Amy(518-523-4208)
Quinn Andrew(518-523-4208)
Hare Chas Jr(518-523-3276)
Kelly William J(518-523-9340)
Eldred Laura(518-523-1859)
Eldred Steven(518-523-1859)
Planty Nicholas(518-523-9678)
Patterson Donna(518-523-3979)
Patterson Pat(518-523-3979)
Chaparro Kristen(518-523-9338)
Liberty Peter(518-523-2150)
Rogers Darcy(518-523-5805)
Wells Leona(518-523-9802)
Glennon Michale(518-523-1867)
Fitzpatrick Sarah(518-523-9269)
Hare Donald Jr(518-523-5871)
Moore Matthew(518-523-1547)
Sawyer Vernon(518-523-9047)
Farrell Amy(518-523-5639)
Rogers Brett(518-523-3095)
Allen R D(518-523-1592)
Bousquet Brett(518-523-7317)
Gadwaw Larry(518-523-2220)
Gadwaw Peggy(518-523-2220)
Sawyer Alan G(518-523-2674)
Whitney William D(518-523-5873)
Cox Douglas(518-523-2484)
Price Michelle(518-523-7254)
Segabache Marc(518-523-0025)
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