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Mueller I R Corp(716-876-9218)
Kenmore Presbyterian Church(716-875-7600)
Northmore Nursery School(716-876-6282)
Sutherland's Office Centre(716-875-3052)
Norton Radin Hoover & Freedman(716-875-1406)
Home Improvement Corp(716-893-3243)
Salon Avanti(716-875-0471)
Hayes Fish Company(716-873-6651)
Jerry's Seafood(716-876-6651)
Adrenalin Rush(716-563-3799)
The 7th Ray Salon & Spa(716-563-3799)
Pizza Palace(716-873-5755)
Premier Group(716-873-6688)
Premier Group Your Wine & Spirits Conne(716-873-6688)
M & T Bank(716-874-7294)
Elmlawn Cemetery Crematory & Mau(716-876-8131)
Ivylea Prescription & Home Health Car(716-873-1444)
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