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Bennett Burdette(585-476-2724)
Howe Ronda(607-796-4206)
Grebleski Laurie(607-796-6068)
Hair in the Square(607-796-0129)
Feeley Jeffrey(607-739-7180)
Wandell Gary(607-795-0517)
Padgett David(607-739-1320)
Padgett Letha(607-739-1320)
Lewis C N(607-739-0852)
Borden Doris E(607-739-6222)
Chapman Patricia J(607-739-0266)
French Lee E(607-796-2864)
Gould Carol(607-796-2680)
Weston Lloyd A(607-739-5577)
Huggins Everett Jr(607-739-5430)
Donahue Jas B(607-739-1549)
Courtright Florence(607-739-2255)
Giometti Andrew(607-739-3747)
Parinowa M(607-739-0765)
Smith Chris(607-796-2047)
Turner D A(607-796-4104)
Ameigh V(607-796-6567)
Collins L E(607-796-0349)
Josbeno Larry J(607-739-2292)
Buck Eugene W(607-739-9161)
Searle M(607-796-9083)
Moretz Gary(607-739-4588)
Remchuk Michael(607-739-9104)
Kwasney Christopher(607-739-1895)
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