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Berry Robert L(585-229-7278)
Bunting Elizabeth(585-229-4656)
Hough Marion(585-229-2586)
Kimber Helen M(585-229-4099)
Lucas John W(585-229-2536)
Macmillan Charlene K(585-229-4263)
Mastowski Daniel C(585-229-4215)
McGory Kathleen M(585-229-4259)
Murphy T(585-229-7259)
Peebles D(585-229-4075)
Persson Sten(585-229-2862)
Proper Gene Jr(585-229-2154)
Schaff Beverly(585-229-2486)
Twist Patti(585-229-4079)
Voss Sharon(585-229-5332)
Rogers Patk(585-367-3369)
Dambrowski D(585-367-3565)
Hopper H(585-367-3363)
Godfrey Lincoln(585-367-3376)
Gurger Thos(585-367-8352)
Alger Martha(585-367-9523)
Kent Dolores(585-367-9210)
Kent Robt(585-367-9210)
Gillette Mildred(585-367-2083)
Haschmann John(585-229-5268)
Jordan Fred(585-229-2144)
White E(585-229-5321)
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