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Aldous Frank B(315-347-2333)
Vanbenschoten D(315-938-5319)
Vanbenschoten S(315-938-5319)
Osier Tracy(315-938-7117)
Nichols Wm H(315-938-5186)
Smith Carolyn(315-938-5510)
Smith James(315-938-5510)
Hall Robert G(315-938-7298)
Prior George C(315-938-5550)
Kermes John C(315-938-5818)
Gallaway E H Jr(315-938-7197)
Holl Tom(315-938-5219)
Campagna Frank(315-938-5825)
Dosanjh Darshan(315-938-5476)
Locke Alex(315-938-5827)
Adams Mark(315-938-5590)
Mocyk Gregory(315-938-5928)
Mocyk Joan(315-938-5928)
Obrist James(315-938-7230)
Obrist Susan(315-938-7230)
Stern Fred(315-938-5554)
Stern Sally(315-938-5554)
Link Sue(315-938-5171)
Link Ted(315-938-5171)
Smith B(315-938-5552)
Jamison Chris(315-938-5379)
Vallelonga Dan(315-938-7212)
Vallelonga Pat(315-938-7212)
Clarke-Nelson Kathaleen(315-938-5424)
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