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Hall Fire Company Firemen Hall(585-526-6906)
Ordiway P(585-526-5285)
Calabrese Richard(585-526-5634)
Bishop Aaron(585-526-7187)
Bishop Lisa(585-526-7187)
Ketcham Ray(585-526-5857)
Bergstresser Bridget(585-526-5099)
Bergstresser Chris(585-526-5099)
Wayne Finger Lakes Board of Coorat(585-526-6155)
Hey Diane K(585-526-4461)
Perry Vicky(585-526-7030)
Woolsey Matthew(585-526-5896)
Gorham Gas Station(585-526-4480)
Frankish D(585-554-3404)
Jordan Christopher(585-554-3087)
Borr Timothy(585-554-6098)
Mercer John(585-554-5486)
Glitch William T(585-526-5181)
Bed & Breakfast at Victoriana(585-526-4531)
Emerson Barbara(585-526-5647)
Emerson Louis(585-526-5647)
Adams Richard L(585-526-5334)
Johnson George L(585-526-5413)
Hollenbeck George(585-526-5020)
Gorham Town of(585-526-5777)
Lemen Lewis H(585-243-1325)
Groveland Town Clerk(585-243-1750)
Groveland Town Justice Court(585-243-3782)
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