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Chautauqua Cable Inc(716-769-7666)
Coleson Kurt E(716-664-9193)
Nilson Dennis(716-487-9694)
Defrancisco C(716-665-2692)
Defrancisco Leonard(716-665-4999)
Cavallaro Thomas(716-665-4555)
Yachetta Jerold A(716-665-4728)
Wickmark Norman C(716-664-5942)
Falconer Electronics Inc Manufacture(716-665-4176)
Jamestown Sales Inc(716-665-3455)
Landmark Graphics(716-665-6493)
Roschy William A(716-665-3369)
Everett Kenneth L(716-665-5420)
Nelson Brian(716-665-6412)
Ordinis Kay(716-665-5428)
Osborne Victoria(716-488-3103)
Beckstrom Jerry(716-665-2630)
Gilmartin Betty(716-665-2636)
Troutman L(716-665-2548)
First Baptist Church of Falconer(716-665-3103)
Falconer Funeral Home(716-665-3401)
Vanstrom David A Funrl Dir(716-665-3401)
Belin James R(716-665-2882)
Hopkins Holly(716-664-6172)
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