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Walker Brothers Co Funeral Home in(585-352-1500)
Duane Feor(585-638-7918)
Dari-An Stand(585-924-7331)
Heberle Racing Stable(585-742-3347)
Lecesse Michael Racing Stable(585-924-9467)
Michael Anthony Ferraro Racing Stables(585-924-2390)
Perdue Edw C(585-924-5273)
Di Pacific's Restaurant and Banquet Hou(585-924-3634)
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insu(585-924-4090)
Lethbridge Jas C(585-398-2259)
Lethbridge Joy(585-398-2259)
Galante Jos(585-398-3992)
Sheridan Kelly(585-398-3394)
Hernandez Janet(585-398-2659)
Hernandez Juan(585-398-2659)
Outhouse Jason(585-398-0236)
Erway Gregory S(585-398-2672)
Erway Vicki(585-398-2672)
Sherman L(585-398-3966)
Calkins Frank(585-398-3236)
Earnst Gary R(585-398-2964)
Hallett Michael(585-398-0133)
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