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Clark Stefany(315-375-6618)
Russell Douglas(315-389-4331)
Russell Ed(315-389-4864)
Russell Kim(315-389-4864)
Saumier Evelyn(315-389-5971)
Saumier Gary(315-389-5971)
Shampine Catherine(315-389-4102)
Shope Mildred(315-389-4778)
Shorette Deborah(315-389-4518)
Shorette Stephen(315-389-5781)
Sienklewycz Elizabeth(315-389-4994)
Singleton Mildred(315-389-5697)
Smith Amy(315-389-4365)
Smith Billie(315-389-5321)
Smith Edward W(315-389-4737)
Smith Myrtel M(315-769-8207)
Snyder Roy J(315-389-5837)
St Lawrence Central School Office(315-389-5131)
St Patrick's Parish Center(315-389-5191)
Stewart Dwayne J(315-389-4506)
Stubbs S B(315-389-4719)
Teneyck Richard A(315-389-5036)
Thompson Thomas(315-389-4963)
Trainer Barbara(315-389-4280)
Trainer William(315-389-4280)
United States Government(315-389-4465)
United States Government Post(315-389-4465)
Vant J(315-389-4273)
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