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A 1 Sewer & Drain Service(631-661-5306)
Blarney Castle(718-474-9474)
Henley's Hanger(718-945-4922)
Breezy Point Co Operative Parki(718-634-5592)
Breezy Point Cooperative Inc(718-945-2300)
Breezy Point Hardware Inc(718-474-2220)
Deidre Maeve's Supermarket(718-634-5862)
Dierdre Maeve's Supermarket(718-634-6096)
Burke William J Dds(718-474-6500)
Marine Park Pediatrics(718-474-8306)
Mc Veigh A M MD(718-318-2002)
Murphy Elizabeth S Dpm(718-318-5531)
O'connor James J MD(718-474-5454)
Resner Donna M Dds(718-474-6500)
Rockaway Point Breezy Point Catholic(718-634-2781)
O'connell Vincent(718-474-6384)
Smyth Jas P(718-634-6357)
St Thomas More R C Church(718-634-7900)
St Thomas More Rc Church(718-634-6357)
Rockaway Point Volunteer Fire(718-474-2593)
Breezy Point Square Club(718-945-1484)
La Mura Victor(718-634-2358)
D'angio G(718-945-3177)
Esposito Robt J(718-474-4531)
Green Fredk W(718-634-7169)
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