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Galle Stephen(607-587-9872)
Scheesley Ray(607-587-9851)
Alfred Ceramic Enterprises Inc(607-587-9133)
Myers Robert(607-587-9563)
Timbrook Timothy(607-587-9605)
Crast Lawrence(607-587-9467)
Crast Patricia(607-587-9467)
Johnston Jeffrey(607-587-8558)
Lawrence Robert(607-587-8567)
Rawady Marc(607-587-9316)
Higby Wayne(607-587-8159)
Czworka Walter(607-587-8568)
Walter David(607-587-8433)
Cartwright Ernest L Jr(607-587-8782)
Cartwright Gary(607-587-8393)
Vanskiver David(607-587-8385)
Cannon James L(607-587-8412)
Alcoholics Anonymous(607-276-8588)
Hedlund Aaron(607-587-9374)
Hills S(607-587-8442)
Baptist Church Alfred Seventh Day(607-587-9430)
Mulholland Swan Funeral Home Inc(607-478-8740)
McGraw Aaron(607-587-9623)
McGraw Michelle(607-587-9623)
Allegany County Department of H(607-587-8025)
Atlas Jana G(607-587-9634)
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