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Warner Robert(607-639-2163)
New York State Dept of Conservation(315-328-4700)
Parmer Cindy(315-389-5872)
Patnode Amber(315-389-5232)
Plourde Joseph(315-389-5553)
Plourde Stacy(315-389-5553)
Stewart Stecey(315-389-4153)
Stewart Travis(315-389-4153)
Grant Terry(315-389-4116)
Bray Mary(315-265-1859)
Mason Kristie(315-268-1056)
Converse Merle L(315-265-8933)
Staires Robert Jr(315-268-0890)
Close Patricia(315-265-8115)
Northrup R L(315-265-2921)
Phippen Mary(315-265-9439)
Phillips Rosalie(315-389-5211)
Cummings R V(315-353-2177)
Munson Kevin(315-353-2497)
Porter Melissa(315-353-4556)
Smith Benjamin(315-353-2152)
Smith Tabitha(315-353-2152)
Bordeleau Gerald L(315-353-7346)
Reiter Betty(315-353-2550)
Reiter Peter(315-353-2550)
Lapage Helen(315-353-6803)
Cobane Tina(315-353-6112)
Smith Agnes(315-353-6775)
Rushford Aaron(315-353-6610)
Rushford Marsha(315-353-6610)
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